Saffron Broth

Put thirty egg yolks, verjuice, the juice of veal or capon, saffron, a little cinnamon together into a bowl and blend. Pass them through a strainer into a pot. Cook it down slowly and stir it continuously with a spoon until it begins to thicken. For then it is taken from the hearth and served to ten guests. While in the dishes, sprinkle with spices.

7 egg yolks
2 T verjuice (or 1 T vinegar+1 T water)
21 ounces (2 cans) chicken broth
1/8 t loose saffron
1/2 t cinnamon
"spices": 1/4 t black pepper, 1/8 t nutmeg
Saffron broth being poured on popcorn


Chopped Liver Du Fait de Cuisine no. 61

For the chopped liver: he who has the charge of the chopped liver should take kids' livers-and if there are not enough of those of kids use those of veal-and clean and wash them very well, then put them to cook well and properly; and, being cooked, let him take them out onto fair and clean boards and, being drained, chop them very fine and, being well chopped, let him arrange that he has fair lard well and properly melted in fair and clean pans, then put in to fry the said chopped liver and sauté it well and properly. And then arrange that he has a great deal of eggs and break them into fair dishes and beat them all together; and put in spices, that is white ginger, grains of paradise, saffron, and salt in good proportion, then put all of this gently into the said pans with the said liver which is being fried while continually stirring and mixing with a good spoon in the pans until it is well cooked and dried out and beginning to brown. And then when this comes to the sideboard arrange the aforesaid heads [reference to preceding recipe in the original] on fair serving dishes, and on each dish next to the heads put and arrange the aforesaid chopped liver.

1/2 lb calf liver
2 T lard
3 eggs
1/4 t ginger
1/4 t grains of paradise
8 threads saffron, ground
1/4 t salt

Simmer liver for about 5 minutes, drain, then chop very fine. Beat the eggs, add spices. Melt the lard, add liver and eggs, stir constantly until cooked.

Chopped liver (eww)
Beefy-Stewed Two Fifteenth Century p. 6/52

Take faire beef of the ribs of the forequarters, and smite in fair pieces, and wash the beef into a fair pot; then take the water that the beef was sodden in, and strain it through a strainer and seethe the same water and beef in a pot, and let them boil together; then take canel, cloves, maces, grains of paradise, cubebs and onions y-minced, parsley and sage, and cast thereto, and let them boil together; and then take a loaf of bread, and stepe it with broth and vinegar, and then draw it through a strainer, and let it be still; and when it is near enough, cast the liquor thereto, but not too much, and then let boil once, and cast saffron thereto a quantity; then take salt and vinegar, and cast thereto, and look that it be poynant enough, and serve forth.

about 1 lb+ beef
3 medium onions
w1/4 c chopped parsley
1 bouillon cube
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t cloves
1 t sage
1/4 t mace
1/8 t whole grains of paradise (grind)
1/8 t whole cubebs (grind)
4 slices bread
pinch of saffron
1 t salt

Add fresh water to cover and bouillon, bring to a boil, add parsley, onion, and spices. Simmer about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, put bread to soak in water and broth from the meat. At the end of 45 minutes mush up the bread and add that, the saffron and salt, bring to a boil and serve.