By Lindsey W. and Megan O. and Alexis S. 

The word Renaissance means "rebirth." It occurred from the late 14th century and into the early 15th century. During that time period, food was an important aspect. If you had higher class food, such as meat, you were considered more rich than anyone else. The lower class food items were not nearly near the quality of the higher class foods.
Middle Class people having a meal
Queen Elizabeth, the queen during this period

From this project, we learned the differences and similarities of our lives and those in the Renaissance. We also learned how much food could dignify your social class. Lower-class people ate bland, andicky things such as watery soup, rotten veggies, rotten fruit, and stale bread while the wealthy ate poultry, fresh bread, yummy desserts, meat, fish ect. Now we are fortunate that people pretty much consume the same foods and you cannot be judged on what is on your plate :)