Bread... And Soup

During this time time, bread and soup were like bacon and eggs- you had to have them together! However, not everybody ate this duo. While the rich were sitting pretty wth their fancy lace around their necks, piling meat into their arrogant mouths, the pour were eating stale bread and bland soup. Yes, every night for supper they did this- how boring is that? Not much variety, but that is what life was like for the less fortunate during the Renaissance.

This is an example of a woman and her child eating the average lower-class meal
Obviously, these people weren't dirt poor by the looks of their clothing and the visible interior of their house, but they were still lower class.

It looks more like watery oatmeal, but this was actually an example of commonly-eaten soup in the Renaissannce

Now this meal wasn't the french onion you get in a bread bowl with a side salad at Panera, it was actually somewhat watery and very bland- YUCK! But you had to eat what you could afford